Tuesday, August 03, 2010

leaving the house again

preparing to leave the house again.
this time i'm going to be at PD from today till Thursday for a briefing for
something related to UPSR.

just received sms from a friend who already there:

"the government really don't have $
so this time we have to share 4 in one room.
Please bring me shampoo and sabun."

last time only two in one room.
ha ha...biasa la tuh.
till now, bag tak siap lagi.
kejappp je lagi nak gi.


Mama Hakim said...

hahhahah...hasil kerajaan kurang sekarang ni kak....lawak la....

~ Ibu ZAAZ ~ said...

kurang la pasai dok perabis kat kempen mengempen jer.

~ Ibu ZAAZ ~ said...
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